http-request-050 (AB)

Tests p:http-request: parameter 'status-only' = true delivers empty sequence, but headers are present.

Test ab-http-request-050.xml is expected to pass.

The pipeline

      <p:declare-step xmlns:p="" version="3.0">
         <p:output port="result"/>
         <p:http-request href="" parameters="map{'status-only' : true()}">
            <p:with-input pipe="report"/>
               <header xmlns="">{.?headers?content-type}</header>
MorganaXProc passing XML Calabash passing

Schematron validation

      <s:schema xmlns:s="">
            <s:rule context="/">
               <s:assert test="starts-with(header/text(),'application/xml')">There are no headers.</s:assert>

Revision history

30 Jan 2020, Achim Berndzen

Changed headers to lower-case.

13 Jan 2020, Achim Berndzen

Added new tests for p:http-request.