label-elements 011 (AB)

Testing p:label-elements.

Test ab-label-elements-011.xml is expected to pass.

The pipeline

      <p:declare-step xmlns:p="" version="3.0">
         <p:output port="result"/>
         <p:input port="source">
            <doc xmlns="">
                  <p>Some para.</p>
                  <p>Some other para.</p>
         <p:label-elements match="p" attribute="cnt" label="count(preceding::p)"/>
MorganaXProc passing XML Calabash passing

Schematron validation

      <s:schema xmlns:s="">
            <s:rule context="/">
               <s:assert test="doc/div/p[1]/@cnt='0'">Value of doc/div/p[1]/@cnt is not '0'</s:assert>
               <s:assert test="doc/div/p[2]/@cnt='1'">Value of doc/div/p[2]/@cnt is not '1'</s:assert>

Revision history

04 May 2019, Achim Berndzen

Ported test from 1.0 test suite.