Input 030

Tests XS0100 is raised, when p:input has a p:pipe child.

Test ab-input-030.xml is expected to fail with error code err:XS0100.

The pipeline

<p:declare-step xmlns:err="" xmlns:p="" name="main" version="3.0">
   <p:input port="source"/>
   <p:input port="secondary">
      <p:pipe step="main" port="source"/>
   <p:output port="result"/>
MorganaXProc passing XML Calabash passing

Revision history

10 Nov 2018, Achim Berndzen

Changed expected error code from XS0044 to XS0100.

13 Jul 2018 16:06, Achim Berndzen

Added test to make sure p:pipe is no child of p:input. Making content-type statically in the last remaining tests.