http-request-082 (AB)

Tests p:http-request: Test XC003 is correctly raised.

Test ab-http-request-082.xml is expected to fail with error code err:XC0003.

It requires the following features: p:http-request.

The pipeline

<p:declare-step xmlns:err="" xmlns:p="" version="3.0">
   <p:output port="result"/>
   <p:http-request method="get" href="http://localhost:8246/docs/basic-auth/" auth="map{'username' : 'me', 'auth-method' : 'i-am-not-a-known-auth-method'}">
MorganaXProc passing XML Calabash passing

Revision history

15 Jan 2020, Achim Berndzen

Added new tests for p:http-request.